Aylin Éclair

Aylin Éclair is a Contemporary Abstract Artist based in Sweden. Her art is inspired by both the physical and metaphysical aspects of our world. She does this by composing colours and the metaphysical theories, whereas she leaves some space for the observers’ thoughts to fill in. 


Aylin Éclair, born 1996, creative and interested in colours, drawings and sculpturing from a very early age. Aylin grew up in Stockholm where she at the age of 16 got accepted to the 3-year art program with Natural Science.


From 2014 she begun to sell her paintings and from 2019 she has been working with interior designers and designing on commission.


Over time she has developed her skills with a wide range of mixed media and techniques, including 925 Sterling Silver and 24K Gold. From the end of 2022 Galerie Litchi is representing Aylin Éclair.